XCP-ng successful Kickstarter campaign

05 Mar 2018

That’s it! Kickstarter campaign is over, and it was a tremendous success! XCP-ng reached more than 650% of the minimal funding objective. The total amount, including various sponsors paid in wiretransfer is around 50k€+. So, what’s next?

Validation and logistics

Kickstarter will try to charge all backers: this should take around 2 weeks to have everyone validated/charged correctly. Then the platform will send us the money, minus all fees. In the mean time, we’ll start to work on all the perks (mugs, stickers, shirts…) to be ready as fast as we could (ie: to be delivered before end of May).

For all sponsors: we’ll start to request your company info to put you in our sponsor list (logo + short description). For those who didn’t make it via Kickstarter directly, we’ll also double check all the wiretransfer are in the pipes.

As soon we’ll have a validation for everyone, we’ll put the exact amount of available money to contribute directly to XCP-ng.

Again, thank you everyone for helping making XCP-ng project real.

Release target

We still targeting March 31 -last day of Q1!- to give you an XCP-ng ISO ready to boot on your hardware (or even in a VM if you want to play with it!). It will be based on XenServer 7.4 sources (this time, the source ISO from Citrix is working).

The main left challenges:


Obviously, we’d like to go further than this first release. We still have to manage how to update XCP-ng (should be straightforward) but also how to upgrade it. This will need special attention to be sure everything’s going according to the plan.

Another “big” chunk will be related to upgrade a XenServer machine to XCP-ng. It’s possible there is no universal answer (should be relatively easy from XenServer 7.4, but what about from older XenServer versions?)

Finally, a clean workflow of building XCP-ng will lead to new possibilities, like adding extra stuff in it, without breaking anything.

Stay tuned on all our coming news by registering here! We also have a Twitter account.