XCP-ng kickstarter campaign

31 Jan 2018

Here we are: XCP-ng project is on Kickstarter! Now, we need you to make it happen.


This campaign will help everybody to bootstrap XCP-ng quickly: build scripts, documentation, ISO creation, you name it. Everything needed to enjoy all features without limits, on a powerful Xen hypervisor platform.

The money will be used primarily to compensate technical experts (XenServer/XAPI/CentOS) working on the project, producing also a complete documentation to let everyone able to build it.

Campaign goals

There is 3 main phases on the project, the same we announced from the start:

The initial release of XCP-ng and the primary goal of this Kickstarter campaign. Deliver a simple yet functional release.

Automation and documentation for building XCP-ng packages, creating the ISO and/or the RPM repo (and more).

Going beyond by introducing community code into XCP-ng project to improve the overall solution.

Get XCP-ng swag!

Stickers, T-shirts and mugs are available if you participate. Check the Kickstarter campaign for more details!