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What is XCP-ng?

XCP (Xen Cloud Platform) was the free/libre equivalent of XenServer before this last one was open sourced. It was logically shutdown then.

But since XenServer 7.3 removed a lot of free features, we need a community solution again: XCP-ng is now the logical successor.

Who is doing this?

Unlike original XCP, this project is NOT backed by Citrix. This is a 100% community project. Current contributors:

Want to join us? Ask!

What’s the goal?

The main goal is to be able to enjoy Xenserver power (XAPI/features) with a real community backed solution (not “one company dependent”). So it should be:

How can I help?

Direct (technical) help

We need people with experience on these fields:

Indirect help

Main contributors will be compensated to make the initial build/doc/process working. This cost time and money, contribution will be welcome!

Testing releases will be also a great help.

Project phases

These are very early/initial estimations. Consider it as more indicative data.

Phase I: XCP initial prototype

What’s left:

Estimated cost: 6k€ (approx 15 man-day at 400€/day rate)

Estimated release date: Q1 2018

Phase II: RPM repo and meta package

What’s left:

Estimated cost: between 12k€ and 24k€ (30 to 60 man-day)

Estimated release date: Q2 2018

Phase III: adding extra stuff